Nov 04, 2011
by Melissa Sanborn

A Trafficking Survivor Shares Her Story

The decision to be involved in anti-trafficking efforts means that a day never goes by that I don't have a plethora of content to read on the subject. Some day's I'm on top of it and others not so much depending on the demands of the day. But when a team member(thanks Kelly!) passed on this recent blog written by a trafficking survivor here in the the United States, I decided to read it right away. Aside from my ongoing struggle to fully grasp the scope of the issue at hand, the one area I know I have only just begun to understand is what it's like for the victim. After taking a look at her most recent entry, I was then immediately compelled to read everything she's written so far. This young woman(she has decided to remain anonymous) is off to a tremendous start using social media as an educational and healing tool to communicate about the 10 years she spent under the control of a pimp, most of which were as a minor. Her writing is authentic and heartfelt but also well articulated. I believe that what she has to share will help us to better understand how the person being trafficked is effected and what her present day reality is like as she fights to fully embrace her "second life"(her words). She deserves our respect and honor if for no other reason than for the courage she's shown by putting herself out there in this way. Take a look for yourself and then join her blog list. We have much to learn from her and in turn it's our job to support and encourage her that her efforts are not in vain.

Here's the link to her most recent blog

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