Jan 15, 2011
by April Hedrick

Friend of Hope Jewelry spreads awareness

Hope Jewelry accomplishes it’s mission of educating our community through more than merely speaking at or participating in events. One of our challenges to everybody learning about human trafficking is that they tell other people. We all have our unique group of people with whom we have a relationship and sharing with them will hopefully lead to more sharing and more sharing until there is no longer ignorance on the issue.
We are so happy to hear stories of people “passing it on.” One unexpected way for people to engage others in this conversation is through wearing a Hope Jewelry piece. Here is one first-hand account:

I saw the colorful bobble purse at a home showing Hope Jewelry did and I fell in love with it. It is a little funky and very unique. I immediately saw the potential for conversation it would create but I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Now when I walk into a store I am lucky to get out within thirty minutes for how many times I am stopped and asked about the purse. It is never a passing conversation either; most of the time it starts with “I got this from Hope Jewelry who sells hand crafted items from places all over the world who work to free sex slaves. This purse was actually made by a survivor in Nepal who is using Hope Jewelry to make a new life.” Then twenty minutes later the conversation ends with one more person being educated on the issue and one more person who feels empowered to do something about it. I estimate that in one week I go through about 10-15 Hope Jewelry business cards based solely on the conversations that started as “Wow thats a cute purse, where did you get it?” - Breanna Reeser, Chandler, AZ

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