Mar 06, 2010
by April Hedrick

Media shines light on girls forced into prostitution

Area residents are getting more informed thanks to recent broadcasts highlighting sex trafficking of minors within the United States. Two recent reports to watch or listen to on the web:

-FOX News Phoenix (Channel 10) just recently did a major piece on the issue. Their story focused on a Phoenix girl who was sold by a friend to a pimp at age 16. It talked about the complete control she was under and how she was forced to have sex at various people's apartments while the pimp took the payment. It's progress to see the local media starting to expose the epidemic in our city. The report is worth seeing.
Watch here
It also highlighted Street Light, a local ministry that is getting ready to open the doors of a new aftercare facility that can house 50 girls. It is a revolutionary endeavor made possible by several Valley churches, including CCV (Christ Church of the Valley.)

-- KJZZ, 91.5 NPR radio did an interview with Linda Smith of Shared Hope International. She talked about the problem of child sex trafficking in Phoenix and among other things, the state laws which are insufficient in protecting children from being prostituted and in prosecuting the perpetrators. See the entry below for more information on the HB2699.

Listen to broadcast here

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