Mar 06, 2011
by April Hedrick

Mexican sex trafficking victim imprisoned in Arizona

"This victim's story illustrates a common ploy in the world of human trafficking in which young women are enticed to leave home with the promise of a job in modeling or some other profession. Once they arrive at their destinations, isolated and broke, they are forced into prostitution."

This from an article in the March 4th edition of the Arizona Republic. A 20-year-old trafficking victim from Mexico thought she was going to be working as a nanny in South Carolina but ended up being forced into prostitution.

She managed to escape from the well-kept home where she was being held against her will and was waiting to testify against those involved in the trafficking ring but longed to return to Mexico to be reunited with her young son and family. She then fled the shelter she was staying at and took an airplane destined for Mexico. Her flight had a stop in Phoenix and she was arrested and is now in the federal prison in Florence....

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