Jan 05, 2012
by April Hedrick

Millions Raised in 4 days for Anti-Slavery Efforts

We’ve posted in the past about the enormity of slavery today, here and abroad. It’s so huge and the resources currently going to fight are just drops in a bucket. But every little bit helps, right? Right. Of course bigger bits help even more. So what would happen if many individuals got together and raised one big donation to fight human trafficking? What if they set the goal of raising $1 million by God’s grace to this end? Something amazing would happen. And it did. Not just $1 million but $3.5 million!

Passion 2012, a Christian conference for college students, brought 45,000 students to Atlanta over the past few days. And an equal number of people from around the world watched the streaming video via the internet. And together they sought donations and reached out to their communities to join them in giving to anti-slavery efforts. CNN did a news report on the conference here.

Recognizing the importance of working with prevention, rescue and restoration, Passion chose several ministries doing this effectively to receive their donations. Since the conference was in Atlanta a portion of the money is going to a local ministry working with sexually exploited girls. And another portion to the city government to start a Special Victims Unit. International Justice Mission is a major recipient with funds going to their forced labor operations in India and aftercare facilities. (We highlighted them in a recent post and are thrilled that they will have these additional resources to continue the great work they are doing.) Another organization we’re enthusiastic about is Tiny Hands. (We sell merchandise made at their Princess Home in our store.) Passion’s support to them is going to help them prevent trafficking by intercepting victims being taken from Nepal into India at the border. And Hagar in Cambodia is a ministry we’ve represented in the past that operates recovery homes for children rescued from prostitution.

We’re thrilled for what God has done through these young adults and hopeful for how this money will help move us closer to the end of slavery.

You can learn more about these great organizations and the fundraising here: image

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