Feb 22, 2009
by April Hedrick

Nice Purse

This is the purse I carry when I’m not using my purse/diaper bag which is functional but not pretty. Not many people comment on my accessories but when someone does I say, “actually there’s a story behind it.” Oftentimes there is no response. They were just saying it to make conversation like “nice weather we’re having.” But, if given the chance I tell them the story behind it. Actually, the girl behind it.

This suede purse with embroidery was handmade by a girl at the Esther Benjamin Trust in Nepal. She was rescued from the circus where she was enslaved in India. Children from the rural parts of Nepal are targets for traffickers who use them to perform dangerous stunts without nets, stunt their growth so they can do more acrobatics, and force the girls to do “private shows”. The girls who are rescued go back to rescue others. That must take a lot of courage to go back to the scene of such horrific

I think of them when I wear my purse. It makes me sad to think of how much they’ve suffered. But the purse represents something else. It represents a girl who has the freedom to use her talents and creativity. Her dignity is being restored and she looks forward to a bright future. In another words, she has HOPE.

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