Jan 28, 2012
by April Hedrick

Pray for the Johns

“‘John’ : a man who buys sex.”

I’m not sure where “John” came from. From “John Doe” perhaps? I feel sorry for the quality men I know named John to have that association. Nonetheless it is the official term. One name for millions of nameless men who have one thing in common.

Who is “John”? Men who buy sex come from all different demographics- age, race, education. You might think the economic level of a john would be a factor since the prices can be high. But some services are as little as $10. (Another illustration of the low value placed on the individuals doing such acts).

Johns are rarely prosecuted even though prostitution is illegal in the United States. But if the laws were different and there was a punishment associated with the behavior wouldn’t that help reduce the demand? (I talk more about this in “Who’s to blame?” ) In the absence of laws we can only hope that the hearts and minds of johns change. So we pray and ask God to do what only he can do.

A group of praying people have worked together to create “Pray for the Johns.” Churches and individuals have the opportunity to pray with people from around the country on February 12th &14th. To pray for men who buy sex, frequent strip clubs, view pornography- men who sexually exploit women and children. To come in humility knowing that there are johns or former johns within our churches. “Pray for the Johns” is a national movement to have God’s people come together before the Lord and ask Him “to transform many of those who patronize prostitutes, struggle with pornography and otherwise participate in the sexual exploitation of others into people who would proclaim and help bring [His] kingdom. We ask that [God] would so work in these men's lives that their transformation and good works would cause many men and women to praise [His] redemptive power.”

Their website has more information on how individuals and churches can participate. For those of us passionate about seeing all people live free from sexual exploitation it’s a blessing to see God’s people coming together and eagerly waiting to see how He’ll answer our prayers. Hope you’ll join Hope Marketplace in praying on Valentine’s Day!

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