Oct 17, 2011
by Kelly Pierson

Thistle Farms

Love heals. This is one of the core values held by the women of Thistle Farms. Into every product goes the belief that freedom starts with healing and that love can change lives.

We at Hope Marketplace are humbled and thrilled to partner with the women of Thistle Farms. Allow us to share briefly about this amazing organization. Thistle Farms is a non-profit business run by women who have survived lives of violence, prostitution, and addiction. By hand the women create natural bath and body care products that are as good for the body as they are for the earth. All proceeds support Thistle Farms and the residential program, Magdalene.

In order to understand more about Thistle Farms, we must look at Magdalene. Magdalene, founded in 1997 by Rev. Becca Stevens, invites women with a criminal history of prostitution and addiction to stay two years in one of their six homes rent free, in a community with other residents and no live-in staff. This program offers individualized treatment for each woman that includes medical care, therapy, education and employment. Magdalene offers services for approximately 30 women at any given time. Thistle Farms began in 2001 as the social enterprise of Magdalene. Through Thistle Farms, the women of Magdalene gain much-needed job skills and learn responsibility and cooperation. Magdalene and Thistle Farms receive no government funding but instead rely on gifts received from individuals, private grants and the sale of Thistle farms products.

The Thistle Farm products are lovely. They are made with the purest ingredients like cotton wicks, soybean-based ecowax, olive and coconut oils, sunflower seeds and essential oils. Every product is hand-made by the women of Thistle farms to offer healing to the world. Check out our Spa section to find out more about the products and to support these women by purchasing an item.

We encourage you to view this video clip about Magdalene and Thistle Farms. Let’s unite with the women of Thistle Farms in proclaiming to the world that, indeed, love heals.

Video: An Alternative To The Streets

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