May 10, 2011
by April Hedrick

What’s her worth?

This past Mother’s Day was a great day for me- cards from my husband and kids, meals with our moms. Basically what I consider a standard celebration. At church one of the pastors talked about the value of women in God’s eyes. He affirmed us in our roles as mothers and commended us for doing a good job.

So there I sat at my church in downtown Phoenix. I found my mind drifting as I thought about what was undoubtedly happening at that moment just blocks away. Sex being sold for cash. Women and girls being abused. The contrast was glaring. Here I was being built up and loved by men. There they were being torn down and despised by men.

So, who are these men buying sex? They have moms. Many have wives and daughters. They wouldn’t think of hurting them. In fact the thought of his wife selling her body or his daughter being raped is utterly disturbing to him. And yet, somehow he justifies defiling a prostituted woman or girl. Why? Are they less valuable human beings? Is the fact that most of them were sexually abused as children make it okay to continue the victimization? Does the exchange of money make it acceptable, as if the man is actually doing her a favor?

God created all people in his image and all people deserve to be valued. Whether they are engaged in prostitution, strip clubs or pornography our society continues to view them as “those girls.” We choose not to view them as real people who would rather have a different vocation. (That’s right, 90% of those in the sex industry said they’d like to get out.) Society may say it’s acceptable and doesn’t hurt the girls working there but nobody told them that.

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