Mar 01, 2009
by April Hedrick

What’s on your nightstand?

I love this question for somebody I don’t know well. Is it fiction or non-fiction? Maybe a magazine or a section from the newspaper, or just an alarm clock (gasp!). What’s on my nightstand shouldn’t be on my nightstand. On a coffee table, sure. But not next to the place where in 10 minutes I hope to get a good night’s sleep. So, I have some recommended reading for those who can carve out sometime earlier in the day.

Not for Sale by David Batstone is the book that first opened my eyes to human trafficking, modern day slavery. It’s a good, quick read. More in-depth is the next book I read: Disposable People. The title gives you an idea of it’s content. (See my next post on disposability and you’ll understand better the gist of it.) The author, Kevin Bales, is possibly the most well-respected leader in the abolitionist movement. The statistics that we and other organizations use originated from him. He has several other books that are very similar. To Plead Their Own Cause actually is on my nightstand but just because I don’t want to put it back on the shelf and forget about it. This is just a place to start; there are many others listed on our website.

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