Jan 14, 2012
by April Hedrick

Where do we go from here?

Last time I wrote I shared about Passion 2012 and how a group of 45,000 Christian students raised $3 million to fight slavery around the world. A college student from my church was in attendance and told me more about her experience being there. She said it was “awesome” and that she didn’t realize that slavery of this magnitude was going on around the world right now. She walked away with a sense of urgency that this injustice needs our immediate attention. So her eyes have been opened to the plight of the estimated 27 million enslaved individuals and is asking, “What now?” “Where do we go from here?” “What can I do?”

It is a legitimate question and the answer isn’t always straightforward. The money raised was a great, tangible response from people moved with compassion and love for trafficking victims. And the organizations receiving the funds are doing great work so undoubtedly this will expand what they can do. There are many organizations in need of donations and ready to put your money to good use.

Learn more. Read books. Watch films. Look at websites. (Click here for resource list) Get to know anti-trafficking organizations, read their blogs, check out their Facebook pages. See what they are doing and what opportunities there are to support their efforts. 

Advocacy. There is a great opportunity right now as legislators work to pass a bill called Trafficking Victims Protection Act (TVPRA). This bill strengthens U.S. programs to fight slavery at home and abroad. It has bi-partisan support and has passed at the committee levels but has been waiting for a vote in both the Senate and House for months.

We can do something important by contacting our senators and representatives and asking them to do what they can to push it through and bring it to a vote as soon as possible. And, if your senator or representative is not in favor of the bill, urge them to vote for it’s passage. Get contact information here. International Justice Mission has more information on the bill. They also have a department called Justice Campaigns to help people participate in advocacy efforts.

What is Hope Marketplace’s answer to the question “What can we do?” Since you’re reading this we are optimistic we’re doing at least a little something to further the cause. Through our marketplace of ideas we’re attempting to educate and inspire our community to action. With our marketplace of goods we’re supporting the efforts of organizations working to help slavery victims live in freedom by selling their handicrafts. And we’re praying for more opportunities to fight this injustice here and abroad. We want to expand our work in advocacy on a local level and look forward to bringing you more information in the months to come on what is going on in Arizona and how you can get involved in the abolition movement.

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